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[Video] The Champlayers' Cabaret

On Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3, Champlain’s student-run drama club The Champlayers put on a cabaret-style showcase.

The Champlayers started the semester by having weekly themed meetings where anyone could drop in and participate.

“We wanted a space where everyone who was interested in the performing arts to come together. We’re a completely inclusive club, so anybody who shows up we include them in some facet,” Maggie Bean, ‘17, Co-Founder and Co-President of the Champlayers said.

The Champlayers' Cabaret consisted of seven scenes chosen from those early semester meetings. One of the scenes, “Avocado Fever” was an original piece written and co-directed by Rachel Matthews, ‘19, for the Cabaret.

The scenes were directed by five members of the club, including Oliver Ash, ‘18.

“I hadn’t directed before this,” he said, “but I thought I’d give it a shot, so I chose to direct the final scene, ‘Sure Thing.’”

The Cabaret was promoted through posters and various social media, including a stint on Champlain’s Snapchat story. Though at the end of the day, Bean believes word of mouth to be the best marketing technique.

“The best marketing technique is to have people get their friends to come, because they're the most invested,” she said.

This technique did pay off and brought in many friends of the cast members, a total of 85 audience members between the two shows.

“A girl on my floor in my house was actually in the play, Alysha, and then Oliver Ash is my RA,” audience member Rachael Vecchio, '20, said.

The Champlayers were not disappointed by the show’s turnout.

“We don’t measure the success of the showcase by how many people come to it,” Bean said. “We’re not a production company that’s bringing in money, that needs that money to stay alive. We’re funded through the Student Government. We’re funded through clubs. Our main goal is to be a club, to include everyone and to have everybody individually grow as an actor or actress and to put on great shows.”

Auditions for the Champlayers next show The Last Days of Judas Iscariot will be at the end of January.


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