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Meet Your SGA Presidential Candidates!

Originally posted March 22, 2016

With Student Government Association (SGA) elections beginning on Friday, now is the perfect time to get to know the Presidential candidates that are running! The candidates took the time to answer a few questions that will help students become educated voters.

LOGAN RICE, ‘18, Criminal Justice

Favorite thing about Champlain: “The energy and huge amount of involvement that we get from the student body… the level of involvement, the level of care in everyone here is very big.”

 Photo courtesy of Logan Rice.

Photo courtesy of Logan Rice.

“My ambitions started from when I was a first year senator and I saw how our organization was being run, and I sort of saw how we were organized, we were very club oriented; we were seen as a budget, and outside of club heads people didn’t really know the Student government… part of my ambition of running for president is to forge a stronger bond with our student body,” Logan said.

Logan has been involved with the SGA for two years now. He has seen the SGA growing and changing and wants to help it change even more to me more flexible and better fit to the student body’s needs.

“It’s kind of ‘maybe you can catch us once a week and we can help you’ situation. I just feel like that’s very inefficient,” he said.

Logan believes that everyone at Champlain has the right to be heard. Last year he strongly advocated for Seniors’ Suffrage, a right they now have.

“We’re not every college. Our individual demands are different. We have such a small campus; every little part matters. Their voices should be heard,” he said.

He wants SGA to become a place where every student can be heard, and thinks he’s the right leader to make it so.

“I want to work for the student body and the clubs,” Logan said. “I’m not doing this because of me, I’m doing it because I know I can be of help to the student body.”

ANTHONY TAYLOR, ‘18, Computer Science & Innovation

Favorite thing about Champlain: “The general look. I really like the old, rustic look of all the Residence Halls and some of the Academic buildings, and I also like the more modern and colorful aspect that CCM brings as well.”

 Photo by Quinn Kanner.

Photo by Quinn Kanner.

“One of the big reasons I’m running for President is that I want to be more involved on campus. I’m already an RA, so I’ve taken on that leadership position and I want to transfer those skills to another leadership position,” Anthony said.

Through his experience as an RA, Anthony has learned about mediation, policy implementation and how people interact. He’s also gained experience making “the most fair choice possible” and making sure everyone’s voice can be heard. He feels these skills are all important for Presidency. 

“I want to make SGA more approachable for the common student,” he said.

Anthony feels that currently SGA is intimidating, and many students don’t know their options for getting their opinions heard. He wants to make sure that all Champlain students feel like their opinions matter, because they do.

“Speaking to my peers, people I’ve talked to while gathering signatures, things like that, I’ve heard a lot of what they have to say, and a lot of people feel that SGA is corrupt.” Anthony said. “I feel like a lot of that comes from SGA being this intimidating entity, when it’s actually supposed to be the voice of Champlain’s student body.

SAM HODGES, ‘17, Criminal Justice

Favorite thing about Champlain: “How inclusive it is: everyone can find their place to be in Champlain.”

 Photo courtesy of Sam Hodges.

Photo courtesy of Sam Hodges.

“I want to coordinate all the resources Student Government has to offer and get students’ ideas out there and see what the students actually want on campus,” Sam said.

Sam feels that SGA should act as a springboard to launch students’ ideas into reality.

“I don’t want to create my own ideas,” he said. “I feel like if the student government is creating the ideas and incorporating the ideas, are they actually doing things for themselves or the students? They should be more of a springboard.”

Sam has been a part of SGA for a year and a half as an EHS senator, and run the Rock Climbing Club for two years. Through those experiences, Sam has seen the SGA through two different lenses, and feels that those combined experiences have prepared him to be a well-informed President.

“I know all the moving parts in the Student Government,” he said.

Sam wants to make the SGA more transparent in their activities, and help clubs and students better understand the resources at their disposal.

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